About Our Company

Promed International

  • Pro+Med (NZ) Ltd
  • Promed International Pty Ltd

Promed has been servicing clients since 2004 as a training business, since 1995 as a medical supply business and is now operating as a multi disciplinary Medical and Safety business providing quality services to some of Australasias largest businesses. Promed is a small but very capable business growing by reputation.

Promed International provides accredited Workplace Health, Safety and Emergency Medical Training and Alllied Services.

Promed International is registered as an RTO in Australia (Promed International Pty Ltd) by ASQA and a TEO in NZ (Pro+Med (NZ) Ltd) by NZQA.

Promed’s commitment is to support our clients in meeting their overall workplace health and safety needs, by providing quality training, the best available equipment, Medics and Safety personnel and trained standby Emergency Response Teams.

All Staff and contractors of ProMed maintain a high level of knowledge and skill within their respective field of expertise.

Promed's pool of expertise come from considerable experience in military, ambulance, fire, rescue, police, wilderness, industrial, mining, oil and gas and aquatic fields. We employ motivated people assigning work they are experienced in.

Promed provides Medics and Safety Officers for public, corporate and industrial events. All staff and contractors are professionals presently practising in their industry or have had extensive experience in their industry.

Promed provides services throughout Australasia from its New Zealand office in Canterbury and its Australian office on the Sunshine Coast. When you contract Promed for our services you are getting the best there is!

Meet The Team

  • Don GutsellManaging Director

    Don Gutsell, Managing Director, is well known in industry as a provider of quality training and allied services. Don’s background is Paramedical having been an Ambulance Paramedic, Army Medic and has worked the Middle East, Indonesia, Vietnam and New Guinea.

  • Dave EriksonCEO Australia

  • Jenny Coombe