Event Medical Services letter of Introduction from Pro+Med (NZ) Ltd

We provide medics (first responder to Advanced Life Support and in some cases, Doctors) for recreational events. There are providers starting up in New Zealand who are under qualified and might mean well but do not have credentials or clinical support.
Pro+Med (NZ) Ltd is a multi disciplinary Medical and Safety Services company with its business headquarters in Timaru and provides services New Zealand wide and also has an office in Australia.
Owners of Pro+Med (NZ) Ltd are Don and Jocelyn Gutsell.  Don is an ILS Paramedic with 7 years in St John Otago and 5 years at Taranaki District Health Board Ambulance. Our Operations Manager – Medical is an ex Staff Sergeant NZDF Medical Corp 30 year veteran, our medics are made up of ex St John, ex and current Military Medics. Dr Rob Visser is our Medical Director.
We provide medical and health and safety training as well as Event Medical Services and occasionally Patient Transport Services. We are a professional business (company number 649363) and we have an appropriate Medical Director, Dr Rob Visser. Dr Visser’s background is NZ Qualified Ambulance Officer, Registered Medical Practitioner with background experience Royal Australian Flying Doctors 10 years, Medical Director for largest Australian private Ambulance (AMS) in Perth 5 years, Clinical Director of Clyde Hospital 8 years.
Dr Visser oversees our Authority to Practice and provides our Standing Orders. Our qualification levels vary, First Responder, Basic Life Support (BLS) Medic, Intermediate Life Support (ILS ) Medic and Advanced Life Support (ALS) Medic. This is in line with the NZS 8156 Ambulance and Paramedical Services.
In case we have to transport patients we have a Transport Service Licence number 0251626 with LTSA .
We have a working relationship with the General Manager Southern Region St John and some of the Territory Managers and Dr Visser has a professional relationship with Medical Director St John.
Pro+Med (NZ) Ltd has Ambulances in Invercargill, Dunedin, Timaru and Christchurch. We are looking to put them in Palmerston North and New Plymouth next. We also have Mitsibushi Tritons that have Lights and Sirens mounted only to be used at events that need them as Rapid Intervention Vehicles. Disciplinary action is taken on those where used inappropriately.
In summary
Pro+Med (NZ) Ltd’s staff are trained to nationally recognised standards and experience with real frontline emergency services.  Pro+Med (NZ) Ltd is an NZQA training provider working to nationally recognised Clinical Practice Guidelines with standing orders issued by a Medical Director and holder of a Transport Service Licence with NZTA.  All our staff are police vetted and driving licences are checked through the Toro system.