Dear Don, Thank you for providing First Aid Training to the field staff of EnergySmart Timaru today. Our Installers work in a dangerous working environment and the guys are always cutting fingers and backs etc. It's very hard to get them to slow down and reduce the accident rate. Therefore supplying them with good first aid kits and effective first aid training is essential. The opportunity to have in-house training tailored to suit our work environment, with focus on relevant on-site First Aid and NZQA Unit Standard, has been of more benefit to these men than any of First Aid Training they have attended in the past. I feel that the key has been that your sessions require the persons to "participate"...not just attend. Our staff were all totally involved with the training and discussions and the interactive training has had an immediate effect on their confidence and attitude regarding safety. We can provide first Aid kits and protective equipment such as respirators, kneepads, gloves etc, but all of these are reliant on our installers understanding the importance of using these tools and how to use them. The discussion you had with them about environmental hazards they may come into contact with, highlighted for these men that everything they were about to learn could be relevant to them on any day. From an employer perspective, the option to have the training on our own premises meant we had less disruption to our business. I highly recommend your training to other business looking for effective training from a professional company who make it all so simple, no fuss and complete. Yours sincerely Rowena McLintock Branch Manager ...”
- Energy Smart November 2014

Training in New Zealand

  • First Aid Training

    Pro+Med (NZ) Ltd is a registered Tertiary Education Organisation (TEO) with the NZQA and has accreditation to deliver First Aid Training using NZQA unit standards. Pro+Med (NZ) Ltd provide a range of First Aid Training, which is available in any location throughout New Zealand. The courses are interactive, with a good mixture of theory and practical skills. Courses are delivered by instructors who have real life experiences and a high level of knowledge. Pro+Med (NZ) Ltd custom deliver training to your company workplace requirements and specialise in small group training with a maximum of 12-15 students to a course. After completing our courses you will have the skills and confidence required to provide care in any emergency situation.

  • Pre-Hospital Emergency Care

    Pro+Med (NZ) Ltd's Pre Hospital Emergency Care courses are highly respected throughout New Zealand industries, providing a high level of appropriate training for medical emergencies as a step up from general first aid courses. These courses are designed for occupations that involve high risk emergency situations including police officers, fire fighters, workplace safety officers, lifeguards, volunteer or emergency response teams.

  • Advanced Medical

    Pro+Med instructors are experienced health care professionals who conduct Advance Life Support courses to NZRC Level 7. Our Instructors come from disciplines which include Hospital, Ambulance and Military Medic. Pro+Med specialises in providing small group, inhouse training which includes all practice staff. Practice staff exit the training at their required level of certification and are encouraged to participate in scenarios.

  • Health & Safety Training Level 3

    Pro+Med (NZ) Ltd's Health and Safety Level 3 courses provide students with the knowledge, skills and qualifications required to competently and apply safe work practices. These qualifications accommodate the needs of a wide section of industry personnel. These courses include a mixture of theory and practical training and ensure training programs are tailored to suit your site specific requirements using real working situations. These courses provide evidence of the attainment of an intermediate level of workplace health and safety knowledge as well as recognising competencies associated with a range of workplace safety and health issues from specific industries.

    Please contact us if you are interested in obtaining a NZQA Level 3 National Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety (Workplace Safety)

  • Health & Safety Training Level 4

    Pro+Med (NZ) Ltd Health and Safety Level 4 courses build on the platform provided by the Level 3 Certificate. Students draw on previous experience in areas of functional occupational health and safety and focus on assisting in developing, implementing and monitoring policies/procedures within the workplace. These courses are designed for safety supervisors, co-ordinators or team leaders within the workplace. These courses include a mixture of theory and practical training and ensure training programs are tailored to suit your site specific requirements using real working situations.

    Please contact us if you are interested in obtaining a NZQA Level 4 National Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety (Co-ordination)

  • Industry Compliance Health & Safety Training

    Help reduce workplace incidents, stay in compliance and transform workplace safety culture with health and safety training programs specifically designed to cater your workplace needs. Pro+Med (NZ) Ltd Industry Compliance Training is of the highest standard and workers who complete this training leave the course with a high level of skill and confidence, to be able to apply the skills in the workplace. Our Instructors are highly experienced and qualified within the industry compliance training.

  • Workplace Drug & Alcohol Screening

    The workplace drug and alcohol screening course is aimed at people who are required to understand and carry out the process of drug screening in the workplace. People credited with this unit standard are able to: perform quality control procedures and on-site urine sample collection and urine integrity and multidrug screening; and interpret urine on-site quality control tests, integrity screen and multidrug screen results, initiate follow-up action, and complete documentation. As well as prepare donors for urine specimen collection at point of collection, and collect and despatch urine specimens for drug testing.

  • Fire Training

    Fire is serious. Don’t wait for an incident to happen. Be proactive about fire safety. We help ensure all your staff are fully trained for fire. When lives are on the line, the quality of your fire training matters.

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