Medicine in Remote Areas



NZ Qualifications: First Responder, with additional ambulance Unit Standards: 24849 and 24870

UK Qualifications: Exmed MIRA Certificate, endorsed by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

Course Duration

5 Days


CEER, or equivalent 5 day PHEC course.

This course is for those who find themselves in a critical situation, with no immediate hope of rescue support. Suitable for search and rescue, offshore and hostile environment medics or team members. Includes:

  • Management of injuries from road traffic collisions, ballistics and violent assaults
  • Intermediate and advance airway management, including surgical airways
  • Life threathening chest injuries and management, including needle decompression
  • Shock and fluid replacement (I.V & I.O)
  • Environmental illnesses
  • ACLS

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