Pro+Med SmartFirst CELLAED

Pro+Med SmartFirst CELLAED

05 Sep 2022
By : Pro+Med (NZ)

A handheld, smart personal defibrillator for every home, business, and community.

CellAEDĀ® ensures there is always an automated external defibrillator nearby to help prevent death from a sudden cardiac arrest. Be prepared and confident to act quickly to save a life.

CellAEDĀ® can be applied in seconds. It's as easy as snapping it in two, peeling the back off the adhesive and sticking it to the patient.

  • Graphics show how to apply the device on both adults and infants
  • A perforated label marks the place for easy snap activation
  • Audio speaker gives instruction on what to do, every step of the way
  • Infant mode button for use on infants weighing less than 10kg
  • LED indicator with periodic blinking showing the status of the device
  • Dimensions: 19.6cm x 9.3cm x 1.7cm
  • Weight: Approx. 300g
  • A range of many addons are available (eg: Workplace Kit, Home Kit, and more)
  • The kits have First Aid supplies inside for additional care should it be needed
  • CellAEDĀ® sold separately to the kits

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