1. The complainant will be expected to convey the complaint to the Instructor, either verbally or in writing.  The course member may approach the Instructor personally or may have an advocate or via their employer.
  2. If the complaint is not resolved at that level, the complainant or someone representing the complainant may refer the complaint to the Managing Director.
  3. If a satisfactory outcome is not achieved, then the complainant should inform the sponsor (e.g. employer) and send a formal complaint to:

    The Managing Director

    P O Box 46181, Temuka 7948, New Zealand

  4. If the complaint is still unresolved then the complainant can lodge a complaint with the NZ Qualifications Authority.
  5. If you are not a learner, but you have concerns about an education organisation which you think NZQA should investigate, please refer to advising NZQA of concerns about a tertiary education provider.
  6. Information is available from the NZQA website at or by contacting NZQA:  
    1. phone: 04 463 3000 or 0800 697 296
    2. email:
    3. post: (You can write using: Formal complaint form (PDF, 31KB) to)
      NZQA Complaints and Feedback
      P O Box 160
      Wellington 6140
      New Zealand