Course Overview

Pro+Med (NZ) Ltd offers a wide range of Health and Safety Gateway training that helps learners gain skills and knowledge in Health and Safety before they enter the workplace or, if they already have employment, that will help understand the legislative requirements of a workplace.  They’ll also gain unit standards that can help open doors to a wide range of fantastic jobs and careers.

Gateway Options:

We can offer health and safety courses that include:

Unit standards

497 - Demonstrate knowledge of workplace H&S requirements

17593 - Apply safe work practices in the workplace

19522 - Undertake job safety analysis

25046 - Describe hazard identification and control, and apply risk assessment procedures under supervision in the workplace

17592 - Identify the causes of back injury and methods to prevent back injuries in the workplace

17594 - Demonstrate knowledge of hearing conservation in the workplace

18408 - Demonstrate knowledge of hearing conservation in the workplace

17586 - Demonstrate knowledge of electrical safety in the workplace

17459 - Demonstrate and apply knowledge of safe manual handling practices in the workplace

22316 - Demonstrate knowledge of the management of drug and alcohol related problems in the workplace

424 - Assess and manage an emergency care situation during an outdoor recreation activity

6402, 6401 - Provide basic life support, provide first aid

6402, 6401, 6400 - Provide basic life support, provide first aid, manage first aid in an emergency situation

25499 - Provide first aid for young children

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Why Choose Us?

Pro+Med (NZ) Ltd is a registered training establishment with NZQA. Learners are enrolled with the registered entity that is Pro+Med (NZ) Ltd who will report the credits to NZQA. Pro+Med (NZ) Ltd has a 2019 Category 2 Statement of confidence: Confident in educational performance and Confident in capability in self-assessment.